Download Posters, Flyers, Memes and other Resources

hOW to use these?

✔︎ Go to a shop where they sell printer supplies (Walmart, Staples, etc.)

✔︎ Buy a few packs of good quality printer paper.

✔︎ Load them in your printer and print hundreds or even thousands of copies of these flyers

✔︎ Hand them out in your community, put them up on billboards, stick them on store windows, etc.

✔︎ If allowed, put them in peoples mailboxes. In Europe that is allowed, in the U.S. some states forbid it. You can however attach them to their mailbox with a piece of tape.

✔︎ Send it to the local newspapers, schools, law enforcement, hospitals, medical centers and family doctors, etc.

✔︎ Contact your local newspaper and check options for adding it to the local newspaper distrubution as a commercial attachment. A small investment, with massive impact! Then everyone in your city will get it!

✔︎ Send the PDF to a newspaper to have it placed as an ad. Again, it costs a little bit, but what is the freedom of our world worth to you?

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Our enemies are bloodline families, trillionaires  and billionaires, whose unlimited financial resources allow them to buy and deceive the whole world. If you want to see humanity liberated from their grip, please join the fight and donate your time and resources. Together we can do the impossible! How do they do it?

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